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Work methodology

Work methodology

Knowledge about the different types of stones is an essential element in order to design and develop feasible projects and find the needed solutions. Such knowledge is required for the selection of stone blocks meeting the project requirements , allowing us to develop the best solutions and guarantee top quality from initial design to installation.

At Cuéllar, tradition transmitted over years gathers the most advanced present technology. Sophisticated machines together with expert artisans make it possible we can carry out the most complex projects.

Work methodology

Factory general information

25.000 m2 de suelo

25.000 m2 of land

7.800 m2 de fábrica

7.800 m2 of factory

800 m2 en oficinas

800 m2 of offices

Production technology:

A Thread of shapes interpolated by 4 shafts

Axes Single-Wire Machine.

A straight-cut thread

Single-Wire machine.

Block-Cutting machine

Block sawing machine.

Two large-capacity numerical-control machines in 5 shafts

5 Axes CNN Machines.

One numeric-control machine in 3 shafts

3 Axes CNN Countouring Machine.

Five Bridge-Disk Cutting machines with numerical control

CNN Bridge Saw Machines.

Four turning machines

Lathe Machines.

Four Moulding machines

Molding Machines.

One drying cabinet

Emptying Machine.

Once emptying machine

Emptying machine.

Measuring of Work

Scanning and work measuring

We measured the work actually executed with the latest technology providing maximum measurement accuracy.

Technical proposal

Technical proposal

Technical proposals are prepared according to the following criteria:
· Stone performance according to the use designated for it.
· Design adaptation according to the customer’s needs and likes.
· Adaptation of the design to the transport of pieces from point of origin to construction site.

Layout and format

Layout and format

The different pieces the project is composed of are studied in detail and the appropriate format is suggested.

Block selection

Block selection

A specialist person travels to the various quarries owning the needed material and selects the stone blocks which better suit the project needs.


Performance optimization

Performance optimization

The block to be used and the cutting measures are studied in order to optimize the performance obtained from the raw material.

Quality control

Quality control

Each manufactured piece is to pass the quality control test and the measure checking according to the layout plan.

Already transformed pieces can be installed and transported if the customer requires it.



Orders are photographed before being packed in order to show their perfect state after manufacture, and they are packed into wood boxes according to export regulations being the different pieces separated by means of expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) sheets.



Cuellar has developed in collaboration with research centres specific treatments for each type of stone and project needs assuring perfect maintenance of the projects.

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