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Cuéllar Loves Almeria

November 08, 2016

Cuéllar Loves Almeria

Almería has a new tourist draw. Have you visited it already?

Almería has a new tourist draw: the “I Love Almeria”, written with 2m height letters has become the new protagonist of a great selfies number since its inauguration last 5th november 2016. Have you visited it already?

Picture “I Love Almeria” itinerant

It was inaugurated by our mayor, Ramón Fernández Pacheco, the itinerant sculpture we were commissioned for the city.

Its initial location is at the Plaza de Las Velas, to be subsequently transferred to different public spaces in Almeria. An original way to embellish our city corners and attract the tourists that come to visit us.

Those of you who have been in Amsterdam have noticed that these are very similar to those in the Musempleim square, in fact, J2 de Simón & Cuerva Arquitectos SLP has been the architectural studio in charge of the designed inspired in the Dutch city motif. Letters of 2m height, veneered and lacquered with the city colours, produced in limestone and a tomato in sheet steel.

The sculpture is registering hundreds of visits and pictures, it’s a real tribute to the city and to a sector (agricultural) so important in our province, from which thousands of families live.

In October 2016 other two sculptures we have also produced have been placed, using the tomato as protagonist. One of them with the “I Love Almeria” (see picture) and the other one with the hashtag #Soyalmeria (see picture). Cuellar’s limestone and sheet steel shapping the vegetable, typical of Almeria, will be welcoming to those arriving to the city by East.

Here we are sharing with you the link for this new ecchoing at La Voz de Almeria newspaper.

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